Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lets do this

I'd like to think I'm pretty well prepared for the nationals. I recently won a tournament where I was seeded 3rd, and my rating is now 1185 for a u1200 tournament. I think I have pretty excellent chances. Given that all season I was playing people above my rating level - and holding on - I may even have a good shot at placing highly.

My younger brother just left for the Junior High Nationals. I'm sure that will be an interesting tournament. He generally performs very, very well at national events. Last year he gained 100 points just from that one event, while I gained about 90.

It just sort of pains me to see my rating trend over the last year. Since nationals, last year, I've lost four points over the year. This is opposed to last year, where I gained 300. Not much chess improvement, which I suppose you could attribute to the difficult tournaments, but that isn't particularly an excuse.

Regardless, I hope I do well.


chesstiger said...

I hope you have strenght (chesswise) and stamina (energy)with heaps during the tournament.

Watch out, being 1185 in a U1200 tournament doesn't mean a free way to tournament victory. You are (one of) the man to beat, the guy with the high rating, so people will try to let you tripp. They will be concentrated and very motivated to win or draw against you.

So good luck and may we read nice stories about tournament result(s), games and overall victory.

Anonymous said...

Make hay while the sun shines.......................................................

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