Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Varsity is easy? + study updates

I expected a tough time. With all of our 1600 players graduating, I thought I would get my behind handed to me playing first board.

That didn't happen, oddly enough.

First match was against Mountain Lakes, which we won 10-2, with two draws and a loss. We played two matches, with me beating their first and second board.

Second match was against East Stroudsburg. I don't remember the score exactly, but it was a very hefty win. I also beat their first board.

Third match was against Bloomfield. They were the easiest of the teams, and we won 4-1. I also beat their first board.

Our most recent match was against Newark Academy. This was the team to beat, with their first and second boards being 1400 and 1200, respectively. My opponent played a Sicilian, to which I responded with a Morra and absolutely shred him into pieces. I know I had a win, but I had three minutes and a choice between "Pressure, pawns, and space" or a draw by repetition. I chose the draw. I was a bit frustrated by my inability to find a win, but to be honest I did draw someone rated 200 points above me. Our team won 5.5 - 1.5

The thing that makes me feel most guilty is that I have not been practicing. I've been playing, sure, but my tactics circles are frozen, my openings stay unclear, I've been lazy! I can attribute this to full honors classes, all-nighters, coaching children, what have you, but when push comes to shove I am not getting things done.

The Greater New York Scholastics are in 5 days. I'm going to get ready for them if it is the death of me. Parsippany is in a few weeks. Nationals will be here before I know it.

I resume my studies as of now.


Openings: I'm going to give the Blackmar-Dimier Gambit a shot. Some club members have had success with it (Beating 1700s, huge rating boosts, etc), and I figure if club level openings are not important at my level than I might as well try a risky, tactical opening.
"At amateur level, all openings are sound.", I suppose.


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chesstiger said...

Nice results!

I hope the streak of good results continues in the next tournaments.