Monday, December 28, 2009

Optimism during the Crisis of a team

Our best player has stepped down from the team. That places me, an 1174 and a first-year, at first board. Our team this year is as follows

  • 1st board - 1174
  • 2nd board - 1098
  • 3rd board - 994
  • 4th board - 990
With no Junior Varsity team.

Quite a contrast from last year which went something like

  • 1st board - 1800
  • 2nd board - 1700
  • 3rd board - 1490
  • 4th board - 1100
With a decent Junior Varisty team as well

I mean, I suppose I could be optimistic and say "Woohoo, I'm 1st board now!", but man this is going to be a tough year. We're all going to have to improve a LOT if we want to have a half-decent year.


chesstiger said...

Are you highest rated of the entire varsity aswell? If so where did all those higher rated players go?

Have a fun season. Just play the best you can, nobody can ask for more.

Banatt said...

Yeah. They all graduated.

There's a 1200-something a year below me, but I doubt he can hold a rating like that, and it isn't that far above me anyway.

Anonymous said...


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