Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ah! Panic!

I've been busy. Between all honors classes, activities and friends on the weekends, I have had very little time to study chess.
And now all of that is going to have to change.
I went to a tournament a while ago and went 2 - 2 , losing around 4 rating points. No big deal, but it showed that I am very rusty.
Now, I've been dropped dead center of the placement tournament of which I am seeded second. I am not well practiced as of late, so I'm in a bit of a bind as far as board goes. I'm currently 3-0, with a win against a 1050, a 700 and an 1170. As well as it seems to be going, I still have two 1150s and a 1400 remaining to play.
And I haven't been doing any tactics training.

So I post to inform you that I am not dead and at this point resuming my studies.

Wish me luck.

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