Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lazy Lazy Lazy!

Haven't done anything in a while! Not good. However, I've started doing my circles again. Like really this time. Halfway through circle 2 now.

I really need to step it up, season starts in as little as a week from now. Aiming for 1600 at the end of this year. That's about 400 points. I think I can pull it off with a lot of work.

Also, a favor. Does anyone have any good openings that can be achieved with very little study? I'm not looking to study much, just say move 5-ish?


Aziridine said...

Maybe. What openings have you tried? Which ones do you like?

Anonymous said...

Easiest way to save time with openings is to pick one you like and stick with it.

As far as determining likes, that usually comes with play, time, or simply making a decision.

Banatt said...

Eh. I'd like to play something aggressive like a gambit, but the ones I'd like are usually unsound, like the danish.