Friday, June 19, 2009

I am alive.

I've been busy lately, so didn't have much time to update. So here's the condensed version.

  1. My laptop is slowly dying and its becoming difficult to use it, thus the inability to study and update.
  2. Placed 2nd at a local tournament with 4 wins and 1 loss to a 1300, team winning 1st place
  3. Graduated, now officially a freshman. Summer break has started, so I'll be finishing my circles soon.
  4. Went and returned from Washington DC. 52 sicknesses followed (including me) with about 5 confirmed cases of swine flu. Freaky.
  5. Managed to get a copy of Winning Chess Tactics, along with other assorted books.
  6. Still on section 5, Circle 2


likesforests said...

Glad your chess is still improving. Summer is here... definitely time for us to get circling some more. :)

Admin said...

yes u r