Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So much for that

I'm back down to 1098. Went to a tournament saturday and was highest rated in the open section. I hung my queen against my brother, and just to add insult to injury I had an in-plain-sight mate in 3, but moved to the wrong square. Managed to get a draw, though. I got kinda demoralizied, so I lost the next match and drew the next one. Got second place. lost 6 points. Not too bad.

Edit: Strike that, I was second highest rated. The person I got a draw against was a 1200, which means I'm shaping up good for the nationals. The one I lost against was a 1073 at the time, but is now a 1220. Not so bad, in all.


chesstiger said...

I dont know but i have the feeling you are looking to much at rating(s) instead of playing strenght.

Blue Devil Knight said...

Just keep at the tactics, and playing a lot, and you will get better. Good work!

Chesstiger is saying that to anyone that mentions ratings. Ratings are the only objective indicator of progress we have, so of course we will fret about them.