Monday, March 16, 2009

Thinking like a grandmaster

I just finished reading "Think Like a Grandmaster". Very interesting approach to chess, in my opinion, and it really made me realize something.

I don't really think when I play chess.

All of the principles outlined in that book seemed like common sense to me until I realized that I didn't actually go by them. Things like "consider all promising moves" and "focus on one variation at a time". In my play I generally just played what seemed like logical moves until tactics appeared. Those games where people outplayed me strategically were the ones that killed me, since I had no idea what to do until a tactic surfaced. I've really got to step it up if I want to do well in Nashville.

Time remaining:
2 weeks, 3 days.

Tactics to complete:
Section 4 Circles 2,3,4,5
Section 5 Circles 2,3,4,5
Final Circle of all sections

Books to read:
My System
Chess Praxis
Art of Attack in Chess
Silman's Complete Ending Course

Mental Status:
In a severe state of stress and dementia


chesstiger said...

I wonder how much of the book "Think like a grandmaster" was good for you. I mean its an exellent book by Kotov but didn't you find some, if not most, material over your head?

I think it was grandmaster Flohr, but not sure, who asked a fellow grandmaster after that grandmaster grand commercial for Kotov's book, "I dont think like a tree, do you think like a tree?"

Banatt said...

A little of it, yes, but most of it made sense. A big part of the book was strategy, and most of it made sense.

Farbror the Guru said...

I have read a little from Tisdall's "Improve Your Chess Now" which is a book for the future (i.e. too advanced right now) but it helped me realize how little and unfocused I play OTB chess.

Just as it is developing to play superior opponents, I think it is good to have a look in too advanced chess books.

Banatt said...

Well said.

Polly said...

I read parts of Think Like a Grandmaster during college. (Long before you were born.) It was very difficult. I didn't actually do all the exercises but found it interesting to just read his suggestions. I still have my original copy. It's one of the oldest books in my library.

Banatt said...

I didn't do the exercises either. I just got the basic outlines of the book. Still was a good read.