Saturday, March 7, 2009

Awful, Just awful

I am exhausted. I spent friday and saturday doing practically nothing except for tactic puzzles. 600 puzzles over the course of two days. . If you haven't, read my freaked out post.

My quota is 170 problems a day. I've done exactly 300 a day Friday and Saturday. I have one more circle of this section remaining. Then I can move onto Section four about a day ahead of schedule. This is tiring, and it gets to a point where my head gets fuzzy and difficult. It's hard, but necessary if I want to do this. Better to burn out at Rutgers than at Nashville.

Today we went to Rutgers. That was one heck of a tiring tournament. I would play until both sides had mere seconds on the clock remaining, battling it out to the death. Then as soon as I left the playing area the next round started, almost instantly.

Boy, was it fun.

I ended up with. 4 points, undefeated. 3 wins and two draws. I even drew a 1300! Our team ended up winning first place, and I led them to victory. I won ninth place, and got me a very nice looking trophy. This has gotten me comments like “We can finally accept that you're out team captain.”

I don't know, team captain of the number one Junior High team in the state sounds pretty good to me.

My results:


Edward said...

Congrats! -Dad

Banatt said...


CHESSX said...

Thats excellant well done.

chesstiger said...

Nice result, captain!