Sunday, February 8, 2009

Not Dead!

yeah, sorry folks. just been too busy to update the blog. So I'll give a quick summary about what's been going on in my chess life...


No new tournaments, no new openings, no circles progress. I'm just being lazy as Nashville inches closer and closer. Stupid stupid stupid.

Haven't really been all that busy either. I've been watching lots of anime recently (Lucky Star, mainly) and accomplishing basically nothing.

So, sorry! Hopefully I'll get back on track soon! Keep checking for updates, they'll come soon enough.


likesforests said...

Alive is a start. I played an 8-year old a few weeks ago who was 1950! I didn't know anyone that age could be so strong. I bet you'll encounter a strong and fun field to play against in Nashville. :)

chesstiger said...

Seems you arent the only one who is death blogwise but still kicking lifewise. Must be the time of the year.

Banatt said...

I'm in the U1250, which means I really need to push harder if I want to win 1 match, let alone 5.

Funny. I trained so hard that I made it harder on myself in the end.

Yeah, Yeah! My coach is legendary for something like that! He's like 1650-ish, and they were playing at I believe it was Hershey when an 8 year old went up and challenged him, and proceeded to wipe the floor with him. Its the club joke now.

That time of the year, huh?

chesstiger said...

"That time of the year, huh?"

Darkness has to flee for the brightness of spring. We dont go sit cosy behind our computer anymore like we do in winter. First steps outside are taken (again).