Sunday, November 9, 2008

New England Chess Championship: Day two

And now for the not-so thrilling conclusion.

In short, I fell apart. I got 4th place when I was in direct running for second, and had a very easy shot at third. I started off with a performance rating of 1290, and ended at about 1000.)

The first game of today was against dylan, a kid from our club. He plays a very drawish french defense, and I was playing very off. I chased his knight into a good position instead of taking a free pawn and creating a passer. The game ended in a draw.

The second game of the day was against my own brother, then a half a point ahead of me. We played twenty moves and agreed to a draw.

The third game was very frustrating. I played a 1000 rated player with a 700 performance rating. (Mine was about 1100 at the time.) He played the sicilian, allowing me to play the morra. I traded two pawns for his right to castle, which must've not been the line, because the attack was no longer there. I ended up down three pawns down for nothing and lost. This was my only true loss in the last two tournaments if you don't count the 2020.

Hopefully when the ratings get posted i'll have a rating over 1000. If not, maybe next time.

Games will come tomorrow, I need to finish typing them up.


likesforests said...
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likesforests said...

Sorry your second day wasn't so good as the first. Still, you gained 58 rating points, and both you and your brother placed in the top four. That ain't a bad result at all! :)

Why did you and your brother agree to a draw after 20 moves?

Mr. 2038 rocked the section. Must not have been too fun for him.

Banatt said...

He did it for prize money. It sickens me.

We traded down a lot, and didn't really feel like playing that much.

that's not bad at all. Hoping i'll do better next tournament, however.

Polly said...

That sucks that you had to play your brother. Usually they will try to avoid taht pairing unless it's the only possible legal pairing.

Banatt said...

We were the only people with that many points. It was a shame.

chesstiger said...

I think you put yourself to much under pressure the second day. You must and will get that second place instead of just playing your games.

Anyway, fourth isn't such a bad result. With enough tournament experience under your belt you will stay calm and clinch second place next time.

Banatt said...

I'm a better player than my brother, but he's a lot better under pressure. That makes all the difference.

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