Friday, September 5, 2008

Cheese Monkey Quads: Top Quad

I was moved up a quad despite being one of the lower rated club members and not "the best player in the middle school" (the title my coach gives to my brother.) after a heated struggle, I came out with a win against william bartling, a 1206. It wasn't like he had a bad fight against me, It was a tough battle, in which I came out on top. I faced Bryce Bartling, who destroyed me, and I faced Kyle Bay. That match was... interesting. I won a pawn and we simplified way down. I then thought I could trap a bishop, but realized I just lost 3 pawns. Then he won my bishop. but I was able to trap his bishop again. He couldn't find the defense, so I captured it and simplified into a drawn endgame. I won against someone rated 500 points above me, and drew someone 100 points above me. I gained 119 points in 4 games. I am that much closer to reaching 1000.

My game vs. Bill Bartling was the best game I have ever played. I Gained a space advantage in the opening, aligned my pieces for a kingside attack, I used a discovered check to win a rook for a knight, I used another discovered check to force the king out and win the rook, and it ultimately came down to a mate in 3.




Anonymous said...

Nice result! Congrats!

Wonderfull to see that you can put the tactics that you learned into your game(s).

Banatt said...

Thank you!

Glenn Wilson said...

Wow! Nice result and a good high-level description of the action.