Thursday, July 17, 2008

Section 2, Circle 3 + Progress Reflection

Progress is slow. My percentage has raised to 97. It's satisfying seeing all those 90's instead of 80's.

Though training in tactics is crucial, I think that if you are a patzer (Like me), than you need to devote some time to your thought progress. It's a good thing everyone suggested postmortems, because I am a blunder magnet. I've substantially reduced my tactical blunders (walking into a combination leaving me down a rook) and my heavy en prise (Leaving the queen for free), but my problem is that I substantially undervalue pawns. I leave pawn after pawn hanging until i'm stuck in an endgame where my opponent has three outside passed pawns. Then I lose.

Bottom line: Don't Hang Pawns. Save them.


likesforests said...

"an endgame where my opponent has three outside passed pawns."

Engame tactician or no endgame tactician, those are generally the sort of ending I try to avoid!! :)

Glad to see your statistics are going up, up, up.

Banatt said...

thanks. I'm pretty glad myself!