Friday, July 4, 2008

Section 1, Circle 5

I got 100% on this run. Finally. Now I can progress onto section 2. I would've put a line graph for my problems on this run, but it really is only 98-99-99-99-100, so it's not really worth it.


Blue Devil Knight said...

I like your approach.

Banatt said...

I believe you did the same, yes?

Blue Devil Knight said...

Pretty much. I went on until I met two criteria. First, a hundred percent correct, and second doing the problems very fast with no thinking, "by hand". If I was still thinking, trying to figure out problems, I wasn't done.

I went back and did a couple on set 1 after a couple of months and didn't quite get 100 percent, but I think one of them was a mistake in the program.