Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Insane Unstoppable Blundertastic Attack

I was losing a lot on FICS, and I played against a 1400. I was losing terribly, then came out with this insane attack.

I made a huge blunder at 14.Qf3, and I was doomed, but I thought, "Might as well attack on my last leg".

He resigned in the face of 29... Kxb7 30.Rxa8 Qh1+ 31. Kf2 Qxa1 32. Kxg3 and my passed pawn is pretty much unstoppable.


Shallow Blue said...

Hi there, we seem to be following a similar course of study and both are relatively new, I am also circling CTB, and doing the silman endgame book - lets hope we can progress together!

Fantastic comeback, I would never have seen the bishop move with my back against the wall like that, your opponent must have been heartbroken!

Looking at the game it seems there should have been a way to punish your opponent for his erratic play, maybe pushing the d pawn at some point might have worked? Just a thought.


Banatt said...

Hi, Nice to meet you.

Thanks, I was kind of surprised myself when I got as far as I did. I probably could've gotten away with a d-pawn push somewhere in the game, but I had played like a patzer. More than I already am, anyway.

likesforests said...

Nice! You showed perseverance. In a losing position instead of 'dragging it out and accepting the inevitable' you fought back and got winning chances.

Your opponent did the opposite--as soon as you got ahead he became disheartened and resigned. He was not lost in the final position according to Rybka! In your line 29...Kxc6 30.Rxa8 Qh1+ 31.Kf2 there was 31...Nxe4! and now the e-file is open so after 32.Ke3 Qxa1 33.e7 Black has 33...Nf6 34.Nxf6 Qe1+ winning.

Maybe he wouldn't have found this line. Maybe you would have found a better defense. But the point is you showed a better fighting spirit and deserved to win. :)

Banatt said...

Impressive. I didn't see that. Either way that was a pretty entertaining win.