Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fail Moment at Chess Club Quads

Yesterday the club surprised me with a quad tournament. There was an incorrect amount of players, so I ended up in a three-player-round-robin with my brother and a kid named Alex, a good, underrated 800 player.

The First round went heavily in my favor, With a win against my brother and a draw against Alex. My brother defeated Alex, so I was leading the quad by .5. The second round I lost both games, and My brother won both, which ties me with Alex.

I am expecting to lose rating points. Me and Alex lost to Adam, the lowest rated player in the quad. I beat him once, and Alex did not beat him. I drew the highest rated player in the quad, but he will lose points for losing twice to Adam, Which will make me lose points for losing to him. My only hope is that Adam's rating rises enough for my win against him to give me more points.

Okay. That was a major paradox moment.

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