Monday, June 30, 2008

Circle 1: Section 4

Ouch, I did terrible. Section 3 I got B's and C's (Which is pretty bad for an A student), but here I got C's, D's, and one F! From 79% to 51%. My estimated ELO dropped 106 points. 106! and section 5 is coming up. Oh boy...


Blue Devil Knight said...

Section 4 is really tough, a qualitative leap in difficulty compared to the transitions at the first three levels.

Some of the problems I felt I just didn't have a good conceptual grasp on the solution. I felt that there was no way I'd see those moves in real games. I had to develop a new technique to learn those problems. It helped a lot.

Banatt said...

The technique seems very efficient. I'll give it a try. I think the core of your technique is that you try and burn the correct idea into the back of your mind. This would help tremendously for the tactics I overlook, like taking knight for rook instantly instead of looking for a way to win the rook completely. However, most of my mistakes are a result of
A: not seeing the solution from start to finish, and
B: not looking at the whole board.

Thanks for the comment.