Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Chess club potluck dinner

Hey everyone,

I was just posting coming back from my chess club's potluck dinner. I played a few casual games with the powerhouses of the club, notably a kid named Dylan and Austin. Dylan is the type of person that is a chess book, and knows several openings but is weak in tactical combinations, While Austin is a kid who is very good at blitz and knows the blackmar-deimer gambit well.

I played them both, and I gotta say: I have good chances for the championship next year. No player has gotten two championship titles, but I won the title two years ago, and might next year. That is my second goal, after 1000 elo.

Now i'll post my thoughts on the top players of the club.

  • Plus record in the nationals
  • knows an agressive opening well
  • slightly more tactically powerful than austin.
  • most experienced player in the club (oldest)
  • Voted "Rook-ie of the year" of 2006
  • Club Champion of 2007
  • Club Bughouse Champion of 2008
  • Major contender for club champion
  • Prone to blunders

  • Plus record in the nationals
  • Knows an agressive, alebit unsound, opening
  • Tactically strong
  • Voted "Most improved player" of 2008
  • Major contender for club champion
  • not prone to blunders, prone to falling into weak position

  • Less-than-impressive performance in the nationals (missed mate-in-one back rank mate)
  • Knows many openings very well
  • Tactically adequate
  • Very good reputation
  • Major contender for club champion
  • prone to falling into losing endgames

  • My own little brother
  • Plus record in the nationals
  • plays a defensive opening well (pirc)
  • Tactically strong
  • Voted most valuable player of 2008
  • Major contender for club champion
  • Prone to being shredded into bits by the hyper-austrian attack.

  • Tactically adequate
  • Contender for club champion
  • I am unsure of his strengths or his weaknesses
  • Rare appearances
That's pretty much everyone, unless sasha returns, but in case:

  • Tactically decent
  • Doesn't realize his rating is lower than mine
  • Tries to insult my rating
  • Big ego
  • no opening strategy
  • older than me
and that's that. I'll post any progress on this.


Blue Devil Knight said...

Good luck! Do those portmortems, work those tactics!

Banatt said...


Chessaholic said...

Hi Banatt,

Haven't gotten around to saying hello yet, I've been too busy to spend much time on blogging and chess. Good luck on your quest for chess improvement!

BlunderProne said...

So many bloggers to keep up with. I'm glad you stopped by and liked my shirt designs. They are especially for geeks! Nice quest you have here. Good luck and Huzzah!

Banatt said...

I feel so welcome =)

thanks guys!