Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Analysis of the week: Hyper-Austrian attack

I loved this game. When I played it, I felt amazing. Unfortunately, I didn't realize he could get out, and I missed a mate-in-5. I still won though, so Enjoy!

(note: The PGN file got messed up, I did not play myself. I played my brother, Adam)

Oh, and who can resist a little self advertisement?


Polly said...

Nice game! That dice stacking is cool stuff. I'm so clutzy I'd be knocking the dice all over the table. I guess that skill will serve you well in blitz games for keeping your pieces upright.

Banatt said...

Thanks! I did knock the dice everywhere when I started, but I got over it. Good point about the blitz pieces though! I would've never thought of that.