Sunday, May 25, 2008

Analysis of the week: JH nationals, round 7

This is the game I SHOULD have won at round 7. Complete with analysis. I was playing black in this game.

1.d4 d5
2.nf3 nc6
3.e3 nf6
4.c4 pxc4
5.Bxc4 Bc4

Better is 5... e6 which opens up the dark-square bishop's diagonal and doesn't double my pawns

6.bxe6 pxe6
7.Nc3 Nd5

8.e4 is a strong move as well

9. pxc3 Qd7
10.Ba3 0-0-0

It is at this point that Be6 instead of e6 is being felt, as my bishop cannot leave it's starting square at f8, making it difficult to complete development and connect my rooks.

11.Qd2 e5

A strong move, as white continue his attack easily. I win my development back with 12.pxe5 qxd2 12.nxqd2 nxe5, leading to e6

12.Rad1 Pxd4
13.exd4 e5

Continuing the counter-attack. This plans for an early trade with 14.bxf8 Rhxf8 15.exd5 qxd2 16.Rxd2 Rxd2 17.Nxd2 Nxe5.

14.bxf8 Rxf8

This removes pressure from the d4 square

15... pxd4

Threatening mate at b7. Now I am up two pawns.

16... b6
17.pxd4 Qf7?

A more solid move was 18...Nxd4, winning a pawn

18.Rfd1 Qf6
19.Rc1 Rfe8

Too bad I missed taking the pawn, it's impossible now

20.Qc2 Re6??



man, this guy isn't happy with just a free knight. He wants mate, and he can taste my blood.

23.Nxc6 RxRd1!



Oops, apparently I didn't see this, and rightly so, since it's an illegal move. Even more appalling is my response. No, it's not Rxc1

24... Qxd8??



Wait, WHAT?

25... Rd2
26.Qxh7 Rd1+

That was a waste of a move and a pawn.

27.Rxd1 Qxd1+
28.Kg2 Qd5+
29.f3 Qxa2+
30.kh3 Qe6+
31.g4 Qf7
32.Qg5 Qxf3+
33.kh4 Qf4+
34.Kh5 Qxh2+
35.Kg6 Qd6+

Wait, wait, wait! Qxh7 wins for me!!! The game should go:

35... Qxh7
36.kxh7 a5
37.kxg7 a4
38.g6 a3
39.Kh7 a2
40.g7 a1=Q

and black can just move out of the way. he has no worries, he can just trade queens and run his pawns! bonus if the king moves to h8 on move 39, then white can just sac his new queen for the pawn, allowing his either of his pawns to run!, but no! I just blunder it away.

35... Qd6+ Kxg7

Now black can't take h7 and win. A basic summary of the game is as follows.

36-63. Endless checking
64. Black blunders his draw away (White didn't take the draw)
black resigns

I should've won that game. I did win that game. Once I did 29.RxRd1, It was over. But I lost. What a waste. I was the last one out of the playing area, and if I won that, or even drew, our team would've reached around 3rd (5.5 + 5 + 5 + 4, team score of 19.5/28)

Looking back, this game proves only one thing: I really need to pay more attention. some of those moves were terrible. I was under a lot of pressure, and I cracked. But I really put up some sort of fight.


Glenn Wilson said...

Welcome to the Knight's Errant and best of luck with your studies!

Dean said...

Best of luck with your improvement plan!

likesforests said...

Welcome, Sir Beanatt, and good luck with your quest to improve. :)

One tip--when you post games, either use PGN format or use a viewer like ChessFlash or ChessPublisher. The easier you make it for folks to play through your games, the more likely you are to receive good feedback. :)

likesforests said...

These tools also have the advantage of checking your game for mistakes.

1.d4 d5 2.nf3 nc6 3.e3 nf6 4.c4 pxc4

"pxc4" = dxc4 I guess. Algebraic is "dxc4". Descriptive is "PxP". "pxc4 is not a valid notation.

This is a small error because White can capture the pawn and develop at the same time. A good alternative is 4...e6 5.Be2 dxc4! 6.Bxc4 where Black is up a tempo compared to the line played in the game.

5.Bxc4 Bc4

Black can't play Bc4 here. And if he did, it would be a capture. Maybe you mean Bg4?

6.bxe6 pxe6

oic. "Bc4" must have meant "Be6". Yes, this is certainly an error. Not only because it lets him double your pawns, but also because it makes your e-pawns isolated, and it opens the h5-e8 diagonal which is dangerous for your king. If I were White I would be quite confident.

7.Nc3 Nd5 8.O-O

After 7...Nd5 White could have played 8.e4!, taking control of the center with tempo. I don't think Nb6 is a much better square than f6 for your knight, and Nxc3 doesn't improve the game for you.

9. pxc3 Qd7

"8.Nxc3 9.bxc3 Qd7 10.Ba3 O-O-O" - I see the logic behind castling to the queenside. Your kingside pawn shield is damaged, so you go in the other direction. But you opened the b-file, so I think there is danger on both sides. I would delay and play something like g6 + Bg7 and wait to see where White organizes his forces before committing to castling on any particular side.

11.Qd2? - Rb1 was stronger, taking immediate aim at your king.

11...e5! - Nice tactic, and good strategy as well. Attacks on the wings are often best met with a counter-attack in the center.

"I win my development back with 12.pxe5 qxd2 12.nxqd2 nxe5, leading to e6"

Or even, 12.dxe5 Qxd2 13.Nxd2 Rxd2! winning a piece. Yes, he can't take your pawn.

"14.bxf8 Rxf8"

Rhxf8 or Rdxf8? I'll assume Rhxf8 since it's better, but again, this is a good reason to use pgn or a viewer--no ambiguity.

"15.Rdb1? pxd4"

Sweet. You finally have an advantage.

"16.Qb2 b6"

Good, you see the threat and parry.

"17.Qf7? A more solid move was 18...Nxd4, winning a pawn"

Yes. Nxd4 would have been a solid move. Rxf3!? would have been... interesting.

"20.Qc2 Re6??"

After 20.Qc2! I don't think there is a good defense.


"man, this guy isn't happy with just a free knight. He wants mate, and he can taste my blood."

A flaw. He should take the free knight and be happy to have a won game instead of complicating.

"22...Rxd5 23.Nxc6 RxRd1!"

Good job! This is a variation of the "hook and ladder trick".

"24.Nxd8 - Oops, apparently I didn't see this, and rightly so, since it's an illegal move. Even more appalling is my response. No, it's not Rxc1"

lmao. I didn't see Nxd8 either. ;)

I guess this is an interesting dynamic in OTB play. In online play you can't make an illegal move.

Anyway, good luck again. :)

Banatt said...

@ Glenn Wilson & Dean: Thank you!

@ Likesforests: Thanks for the tip, I'll try and use those tools next time around.

Now to comment your analyzation of my analyzations. =)

5... is Be6, My bad, must've gotten confused

My plan with Nd5 was to get him to capture, undoubling my pawns, but I didn't account for 0-0, or the noted e4.

Correctly spotted on my logic of a queenside castle, plus the fact that the queen-rook line up gives me a small hope in most games.

oof, how did I not see 13... Rxd2!

Anyways, thanks for the comment!

Polly said...

Welcome to the chess blogosphere. Good luck with the circles. Lots of good stuff out there!

Banatt said...