Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Progress on an Opening System

My White System:

For 1...e5
-Scotch Gambit
-Classical Petrov's (Need to Study)

For 1...c5
-Smith Morra Gambit

For 1...d6
-Pirc Defence: Byrne Variation

For 1...c6
-Panov-botvinnik attack

For 1...d4
-Albin Counter-gambit
-For anything other than QG, just develop logically

My Black System:

For 1.e4
Scandinavian with 2... Nf3

For 1.d4
-Develop logically, nothing fancy

For 1.c4
-English Four Knights

For 1.d6
-Pirc Defence: Byrne Variation

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