Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Game Plan


I am a 729 rated scholastic player. I recently went to the National Junior High Chess Championship in Dallas, Texas. These were my results:

1st round - Miscalculation in a pawn run, ended in a draw.
2nd round - Win
3rd round - Win
4th round - lost in 45 minutes (4 hour time control, I rushed)
5th round - Win
6th round - Win
7th round - Loss (I Chased his pawn instead of running mine. I was up three pawns.)

I scored 4.5/7

I should've scored at least 6/7

I could've scored 7/7 in this tournament. At the very least I could've gotten 5.5.

Which is why I'll get better.

Next year I plan to be much better at tactics, MUCH better.

Here's my plan.

1st: I'll develop a basic system

2nd: I'll go through "Solitaire Chess" by Bruce Bandolfini

3rd: I'll go through "My System" and "Chess Praxis" by Nimzovich

4th: I'll use a 32 - 16 - 8 - 4 - 2 - 1 circle system for tactic problems (6000 problems)

5th: I'll Study Endgames

6th: I'll do 34,000 Tactic problems (long term goal) (totaling 40,000 problems)

If I can get through this, considering i'm still scholastic, I expect to get to 1000, I'd be happy to hit 1100, I'd thoroughly enjoy hitting 1200, I'd love to hit 1300, and I'd be surprised to get to 1400. My primary focus is to hit 1000.

More on the circles:

The Seven Circles, a tactical training system invented by Michael de la Maza, is what I will try to endure to increase my tactical ability. The first step in the cycle is to do 1000 problems in 32 days. Which translates into a solid 31-32 per day. I should spend around one minute per problem, and if i cannot find the solution, I'll read through the solution and then move on. At the end of the first circle, I'll go through 1000 more problems, however, i'll need to double the amount of problems. This time i'll have 16 days to go through 1000 problems. Then i'll have to do it again in 8 days. During the 8 day cycle I should be able to pass through the problems in 30 seconds. By the 4-day cycle i'll be doing 250 problems a day. Then the 2-day cycle at 500 per day, then all 1000 in one day. At 30 seconds each, this would take me 8 hours and 20 minutes. (Ouch). If I can indure that, i'll be unstoppable.

I have a book of 50 solitaire chess games. I'll go through those first. The coach of my club recommended this book to me, and it seems to be helping. I also recently recieved "My System" and "Chess Praxis". My coach has referred to these as "the bibles" of chess, and that this will get me to 1000 in "The snap of a hat".

Wish me Luck!


likesforests said...

Regarding your circles approach, keep in mind De La Maza quit his job and worked on tactics circles full time (and gave up chess afterwards!) Many limit their tactical training to an hour or two a day since they have other commitments and don't want to become burned out. :)

Banatt said...

When I get to the higher circles i'm probably going to postpone the intensive training for a weekend where I have nothing to do.

transformation said...

welcome aboard. i am also a friend of likeForests.

i respectfully submit, if you are rated under 1400 or 1500, might it not be best to start with more like 300 problems or 1,000 problems or 600 problems, not 6k?

you have to walk before you can run.

suggestions: chess tactics for beginners first, or chernevs and reinfelds winning chess combinations. or even chang. or reinfelds first 1,000 problems.

do you have chessbase light, and if so, know how to use it? if so, i can furnish some of these files.

take it slow!

warm regards, david aka
dk or transformation

Banatt said...

Oh, I think you misunderstood my plan. I am probably going to use CT-Art, so around 1000 problems done six times totaling 6000 problems. I am not going to do circles with a set of 6000 problems. (That would probably kill me if i do all of them in one day.)

I've used "Think like a king", Which is a sort of all around training. I've done quite a few basic tactic problems, ranging from one to four or five moves.

I'll try using pgn format for my next analysis

P.S, never say the words "Chessbase light" to me. I have an ubuntu linux laptop and I tried to run chessbase. It didn't work and messed up all the windows fonts (Strangely enough, if I run a windows program, B = bishop picture, R = rook picture, and so on. other letters either get letters or a semicolon.)

transformation said...

thank you.

i respectfully submit, that CT-Art 3.0 is way too advanced if you are truly around 800 elo. it is not even close to possible.

you are saying: i have never done a 5.4 climb, yet will do a 5.9 solo with vertical overhangs and no protection, and hand jamb holds requiring being able to hold a man hanging off a rock for five minutes to reach the next hold.

i hope that this doesnt upset you. you deserve every incentive, but this is very misconcieved.

disposition of 6k is duly understood.

i understand from my own experience the oddity of having a perfect stranger tell us we are off track or are doing it wrong. but CT-Art 3.0. it has many levels, and i am only 2/3rds of the way, and some of these problems really require 2,000 elo ability to calculate, which i can do, but ONE PROBLEM CAN TAKE ME DAYS OR HOURS. one single problem. you need the elements first, not the symphony.

good luck.

Banatt said...

very well, I'll heed the warning and go for something like chess tactics for intermediate players. unless you can tell me CTB includes many problems with four to five moves. From what I hear, the most difficult CTB problem is less advanced than the simplest CT-ART problem, CTI seems to fit what I want.

And don't worry about telling me I'm wrong, because I am wrong a lot, and my friends don't hesitate to tell me. =)

Blue Devil Knight said...

Level 3 (out of 5) of CTB is a wee-bit harder than level 1 of CT-Art. CTB will start out too easy for you (one-move mates), but by level five is 3-5 move combinations (and some much longer KP endgames, oddly enough).

Chess Tactics for Intermediate players is about the level of CT-Art, so I'd recommend CTB if your rating is below 1000 USCF. Once you finish CTB you would be perfectly poised to jump into CT-Art.

If you are rated less than 1000 you aren't losing because you are missing five-move combinations, but simple 1-3 move tactics. It is key to get these down cold.

Another option is Personal Chess Trainer, which also starts very simple and gets pretty hard.

Whatever you decide to do, good luck. It helped me a lot. I went from 950 to 1450 at ICC doing circles with CTB.

Banatt said...

ahh, thanks blue devil knight: that was a post I really wanted to hear.


transformation said...

bannet, i am traveling and cannot and could not respond. BUT last night, before leaving, was planning when i did reply to direct you to BDK, and fortunately, he got to it first. thanks, dk latter,,, i am bushed!